Rope Drop??

Rope drop? What in the world is “rope drop”?? When talking to someone or reading about Disney World, sometimes they use lingo that is particular just to Disney.  “Rope drop” is one of those phrases that can sometimes be very confusing. Rope drop simply means getting to the park before it opens that day so […]

What is FastPass+ in Disney World?

FastPass+ is a free service that reserves you a spot to skip the majority of the line for a specific attraction in Walt Disney World theme parks. If you are staying on WDW property you are eligible to make your FastPass reservations for the entirety of your trip 60 days before you check in. If […]

What is MaxPass and is it worth it?

Yes.  100% yes MaxPass is the advanced FASTPASS system for the Disneyland parks.  MaxPass can only be used once your ticket has been scanned and you enter the park. If it’s not pre-purchased, open the Disneyland app and a green bar with MaxPass will be easy to spot on the homepage. Click on it and […]

What is a FASTPASS in Disneyland?

Disneyland’s FASTPASS is a free service that allows you to make a reservation for a specific attraction with little or no wait time.  You walk over to the attraction you’re interested in and somewhere by the line entrance, there will be a few machines under a “FASTPASS Distribution” sign.  Put your park ticket into the […]