You make dining reservations how far in advance?!?

Dining reservations for your Disney World trip open 180 days in advance of your check in date at 7am WDW time. If you’re staying on property, you can make reservations for your entire vacation all at one time (see all the on property vs off property details here). Being a full 180 days away from […]

Rope Drop??

Rope drop? What in the world is “rope drop”?? When talking to someone or reading about Disney World, sometimes they use lingo that is particular just to Disney.  “Rope drop” is one of those phrases that can sometimes be very confusing. Rope drop simply means getting to the park before it opens that day so […]

This week in Disney news

Free dining for a few specific dates this summer and early fall just released!!  Email me for a free quote ( Dining plan changes for WDW as of check in date of 1/1/20. Child and adult credits used to be pooled together, but now plans are reflecting that child credits and adult credits are separate.  This […]

Can you eat healthy while in Disney?

On a regular basis, my husband and I eat pretty healthy, so when I am on vacation, I am on vacation.  I want ALL THE FOOD. Give me all the yummy treats and goodies and I will work it all off later. My husband, however, does not feel that way.  He will splurge and “cheat,” […]

Thoughts on Character dining

Everyone “does Disney” a bit differently.  If meeting characters is on your priority list, character dining can be an amazing option to be able to meet a lot of (or specific) characters without standing in line.  Character dining is table service experience where there are specific characters that make their way around the room as […]