Baby Care Center to the Rescue!

We visited Disneyland when my daughter was 16 months old. She was very happy and unfazed, but her tummy was clearly upset. I could tell that we needed to make another pit stop because she needed a new diaper. I grabbed the changing pad and went to the bathroom. I got her all cleaned up […]

So much Disney news this week

As a precautionary measure, due to COVID-19 Disneyland temporarily closing as of March 14th. Disney World and Disneyland Paris temporarily closing starting March 15th. So far these closures are only through March, but the decisions to open again officially won’t be made until much closer to the 31st. Disney Cruise Line suspending all sailings starting […]

Rope Drop??

Rope drop? What in the world is “rope drop”?? When talking to someone or reading about Disney World, sometimes they use lingo that is particular just to Disney.  “Rope drop” is one of those phrases that can sometimes be very confusing. Rope drop simply means getting to the park before it opens that day so […]

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is one of the most asked about extras in Disney World and Disneyland, and rightfully so, because it’s amazingly adorable. This is a children’s only boutique where kids from 3-12 years old can go and get a princess makeover from their very own Fairy Godmother!  My daughter will be old enough to […]

Can you eat healthy while in Disney?

On a regular basis, my husband and I eat pretty healthy, so when I am on vacation, I am on vacation.  I want ALL THE FOOD. Give me all the yummy treats and goodies and I will work it all off later. My husband, however, does not feel that way.  He will splurge and “cheat,” […]

Thoughts on Character dining

Everyone “does Disney” a bit differently.  If meeting characters is on your priority list, character dining can be an amazing option to be able to meet a lot of (or specific) characters without standing in line.  Character dining is table service experience where there are specific characters that make their way around the room as […]