This week in Disney news

  • Park Hopping is officially back now that we’ve entered 2021. Here is the official release from Disney, but it is being reported by guests currently in the parks that they are making it to all 4 parks in one day and been able to hop before 2pm. Either way, this added flexibility can be great for a WDW trip!
  • Take a look at all the movies and park fun coming in 2021!  See the D23 article here
  • A list of 21 Ways to Kick off 2021 with Magic has been released and makes me so excited for our trip in a few months!  See the list here
  • As previously reported, check in dates for 2021 Disney Resort guests will no longer receive complimentary MagicBands, but prices are out and purchasing one is only $5.
  • Even the animals get to have a New Year’s celebration in Disney World. See their adorable parties here
  • It might be January, but if you love fireworks like I do, you might want to watch a previously recorded fireworks display from NYE here
  • Walt Disney World Golf has added Robo-Carts to the courses!  See how cute they are here
  • The Department of Defense and Disney have teamed up and Disney will host the Warrior Games in September 2021.  See more info here
  • Shanghai Disneyland has unveiled their 5th anniversary logo. Watch their NYE spectacular, including fireworks, here
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