The Wizard Run

I call this page a “home for all things magical” and I can’t imagine Harry Potter not falling under that category!  I have not yet been to Universal Studios, but I am beyond excited to go in a few months! I just read all the Harry Potter books in the last 6 months or so and truly enjoyed them. 

Since I have all this new excitement surrounding Harry Potter, I was excited to see that I could complete a Wizard Run! And I was able to actually run the virtual 5k on Harry’s birthday a few days ago!

One day I will get a chance to run Universal, but until then, this is as close as I can get.  I thought the race was a really fun way to keep some magic alive while not being able to go to the park.  The Wizard run has a few different themed virtual 5k races you can choose from. They all have really cute logos that are different from each other and you get to choose your t shirt color. 

The shirt colors aren’t labeled as such, but the shirt color options clearly represent the different houses. I thought that was really fun! After registering for a race, you get a shirt, a bib, a medal, and a really cool wand! The website mentions that there are multiple options of wands and you can request one in specific if you have one in mind, and they’ll be sure to send that one if they have it in stock.

Like most virtual races, it’s just on the honor system. You don’t submit a time for your race anywhere, just walk, run, skip, or fly the 3.1 miles to complete your race. This is not an ad, just passing on the information, but you can register for your own magical race at

If you’re like me and are really itching to get back into a magical land, I can help you plan a Universal vacation as well as a trip to Disney World!  Maybe you’d even love to visit Universal and WDW in the same trip!  I can help with that! Email me at or fill out the form at the top of the page under “Free Quote” and we can get started with the plan to get you back to some magic!!

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