What is it like to visit WDW today?

Walt Disney World parks have been reopened for 2 weeks now, so what does it look like to go to a Disney World park right now?

Everyone is required to wear a mask, and the compliance is strictly enforced. There are, however, “Relaxation Stations” in each park where you’re able to take your mask off while you’re in this designated area.

There are hand washing stations all over each parks. Rides are stopped every 2 hours to be thoroughly cleaned, and there are hand sanitizers placed at the front of attraction lines and as you leave attractions.

There are plexiglass shields between line queues if an attraction queue must use the turnstile type queue still. They are also not filling attractions to capacity.

Disney seems to be doing all it can to make guests feel as safe as they possibly can.

There are no fireworks, no traditional parades, and no character meet and greets, but the characters are still out and about in the parks. Sometimes they can be found on the other side of a fence to keep a safe distance from guests, and there are multiple mini parades with characters throughout the day. Since capacity of the parks is very low at the moment, there aren’t crowds and you can watch the character parade without being close to people.

Everyone needs to do whatever they feel is best for their family, but if you are comfortable traveling, this might actually be an amazing time to visit Disney World! Lines for rides are probably the lowest they will ever be and you are able to see characters, just in a slightly different way than normal.

If you *are* comfortable traveling and want to get back to some magic with your family, I’d love to help! I can plan as much or as little as you’d like. Email me at Jill@ThinkTheHappiestThoughts.com or fill out the “Free Quote” form found at the top of the page.

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