Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

EDIT: This game’s is no longer available to play as of 1/24/21.

During a trip to Walt Disney World, most people will make a stop at Magic Kingdom. If you are too, you could play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This is an interactive scavenger hunt around the park!

The game premise is that Hades wants to make Magic Kingdom his new summer home and has gotten all his villain friends (foes?) to help him look for four crystal shards hidden throughout the park.

Playing is pretty simple and doesn’t cost anything extra on top of your admission!  Stop by the Firehouse on the end of Main Street USA and get your Sorcerer Key Card, Merlin’s Magical Map, and spell cards. You’ll look at your map to find the portals, go to them, and use your spell cards to fight the villains at the portals!

The missions are usually between 20 and 30 minutes.  Players can get one map and one set of cards per day.  If you are at the park for a special occasion (Halloween or Christmas party as two examples) you can get a special card in front of the Fire Station by just showing the Cast Member your party bracelet!

Although play is free, you can purchase a Booster Pack that has one of four cool game boards, seven cards (including one rare one), ten circles of power, five tokens, one key card, game rules, and checklist. 

If you are ready to plan your next trip to Magic Kingdom to try out playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, ride Dumbo, or visit all the parks, let me help you plan your magical trip!  I can help with as much or as little planning as you’d like and the services are free! Email me or fill out the “Free Quote” form at the top of the page to get your pixie dusted trip started!

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