This week in Disney news

  • Disney donated hundreds of thousands of supplies to hospitals around the world.  See the story here
  • Want a morning FastPass for Kilimanjaro Safari??  Check out this Cast Member still doing her job while at home here
  • Disney Books has a newer type of YA books out that tell Disney stories from an unexpected perspective. Until April 4th, you can get the Frozen story “Conceal, Don’t Feel,” for free on Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, and Kobo. The tagline is “What if Elsa and Anna never knew each other?” I can’t wait to read it! This free book is thanks to Disney Publishing Worldwide authors. See full story here
  • Onward is now available on Disney+!! My kids love it, be sure to check it out!
  • Disney’s security team making me tear up this morning with this video.  Check out this video of the flag being raised like it is every other morning, even if the audience is only the other security members, here
    • Fun Fact:  The reason that the only American flag on Main Street that follows the rules (when to be raised and lowered, flown at half mast, etc) is the one at the very beginning of Main Street is because the Imagineers knew that it would be difficult to keep up with so many.  Therefore, all the rest of the flags aren’t true American flags. Some are missing stars, some are missing a stripe, or other details that would be hard to spot so far away, but make it so they aren’t being disrespectful by not following regulations.
  • Disneyland has a very new parade still, Magic Happens.  It’s pretty amazing, and if you’d like to watch it for yourself, get your daily dose by clicking here
  • Watch movies on Disney+ as though you are walking around a Disney park!  Follow this guide here
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