Is the Halloween Party worth it?

With the parks currently closed, let’s look forward to the fall and the extra fun that comes with those festivities!  The Magic Kingdom is fully decked out and ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties. I love the way the parks look decorated for fall!

The Halloween parties start in mid-August and usually go until November 1st.  These parties are separately ticketed events that range in price and get more expensive the closer you get to Halloween itself.  

The party itself runs from 7pm until midnight.  If you only have a ticket for the party, and not a day ticket, you can get into Magic Kingdom (the past few years) at 4pm on the day of a party, even though the party doesn’t technically start until 7pm. So the party goes from 5 hours to 8 hours long.  

There are quite a few things that only happen at the Halloween parties.  Just to name a few, there is a special parade (they run it twice, usually at 9:15pm and 11:15pm), Hocus Pocus themed villain stage show (usually shows 3 times through the night), and of course the fireworks show!  But let’s not forget about the trick or treating!!!

Ok, all that is great, but “is it worth it?”  I love the Halloween party, personally. I think it can definitely be “worth it” if you maximize your time.  I would probably put it on a rest day and let the kiddos take a nap, then get to the park right at 4. Then even if kiddos only make it until the fireworks show at 10:15pm, you still were able to get a few rides in between 4 and 7pm (when the party officially starts), then some trick or treating, maybe see a character or two in their costumes(so fun!!), and catch the first parade and see the fireworks.  So you spend much less than a one day ticket and still got almost 7 hours in the park by the time the fireworks are over.

Another cool perk of the Halloween party is that they have character meet and greets that are almost only ever found at the parties!  These characters change, but Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas always bring in a very long line.

Someone in your party has allergies?  No problem! There are a couple allergy-friendly offering stations!

I love this party so much. I can’t wait to go back to it one day!

When you plan your trip during August through December, it’s important to look at the dates of the Halloween and Christmas parties when you choose Magic Kingdom days if you don’t plan to attend the party.  If you are not attending the party, you will be escorted out of the park at 7pm, so you won’t get to see the fireworks. If you want to see the “regular” fireworks, Happily Ever After, you will also want to make sure you are able to be there another night because the parties have their own fireworks show.

If you are planning your fall (or any other magical vacation) let me help you make it as magical as possible!  Email me at or fill out the “Free Quote” form at the top of the page.

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