Main Street Windows

Main Street USA is one of my favorite places in the entire world.  It never gets old and makes me smile every single time I walk down it.  

So often, we are on a mission and speed through Main Street USA as just a necessary walkway to get to a ride or reservation, but next time, take a minute and look around.  Breathe in the smells and take in the sights.  

Take a quick look up and notice the windows on the second story. Those windows are decorated as if they depict another store on the street, but many are actually a dedication to important people from Disney’s past.  This is true for both Disneyland and Disney World. Here are just a few examples

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Elias Disney

Elias was Walt’s father, and he was honored with a window in both California and Florida parks.

Harriet Burns

Harriet was the first female imagineer.

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Mary Anne Mang

Mary Anne wrote a letter to Walt asking for a job. After reading the letter, he offered her one!  She was the first woman to be promoted to manager in Disneyland in 1972. 

Randy Bright

Randy started his Disney career as an attractions cast member and worked all the way up to an Executive Producer for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Randy was also named a Disney Legend in 2005.

Claude Coats

Claude started as a background painter, and moved his way up to Imagineering as a show designer for Disneyland. He is also a Disney Legend.

Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Bill Evans

Bill worked in landscape design and was a horticulturalist. He is responsible for much of the Jungle Cruise landscape. He also helped with Tokyo Disneyland, The Polynesian Resort, Discovery Island, Typhoon Lagoon, Disneyland Paris, and Animal Kingdom. He was named a Disney Legend as well.

Van France

Van was hired by Walt to undertake the enormous task of training the Cast Members before Disneyland opened. Van wrote multiple books and his, then, unique take on customer service is still recognized and used today in training Cast Members and employees of many other companies. He was named a Disney Legend.

Those are just a couple of the many dedicated windows on Main Street USA.  If you’re now dreaming of walking down Main Street like I am, let me help you plan your next trip!  For a free quote email me at or fill out the “Free Quote” form at the top of the page.

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