What is Pin Trading??

Why are there so many pins for sale all around the parks?  Why are the Cast Members all wearing pins? Even many of the stores seem to have little cork boards with pins on them. What is it with these pins?!?

Pin trading is huge in Disney Parks and it can be a really fun way to add a little something extra to your vacation.  

Pin trading is just as it sounds, you trade pins with someone, but how does it really work?  It’s very simple. To start all you really need is a single pin.  As mentioned, there are pins available for purchase all around the parks and Disney Springs, however you can also purchase a bunch from eBay before leaving for your trip.  If purchasing online, just be sure that you check out the reviews on the seller to ensure you are getting quality/genuine pins.

In order to technically be able to trade a pin with a Cast Member it needs to have this logo on the back that says “Pin Trading” and/or that is it “Authentic” Disney.  

Pin trading is a fun way to interact with Cast Members.  Just about every Cast Member will be wearing pins in some way, and they are always up for a trade!  So find a Cast Member and simply ask if you can see their pins. Some will ask you a trivia question, to sing them your favorite Disney song, or to perform some silly act before they show you their pins, but this is all in good fun.  Look at their pins and if they have one you like, ask to trade for an Official Disney pin you have. To make the trade you will only need a Disney pin and the black Mickey shaped rubber backing that came on it.

Many guests will wear a lanyard with their pins displayed proudly, but some have them on a bag, or just in a bag, and only trade if they find something specific.

If you are going to pin trade around the parks, I recommend looking into some locking pin backs, so you don’t lose a pin while just walking around (I learned this the hard way). You can just keep a small bag of the rubber Mickey pin backs in your bag to have for trading purposes.

You will see other guests walking around the parks with a lanyard full of pins too.  While a Cast Member will always be willing to trade, obviously another guest does not have to trade if they don’t want to.  If your kiddo has a lanyard on, they might be asked to trade too!

Tip:  If you like a few pins, but don’t want to trade a ton you can still participate!  I don’t necessarily pin trade a lot, but I have a small collection of pins I just like that I keep on my backpack.  I didn’t buy them to trade, but simply because I liked them. I will often look at Cast Member’s pins to see if there is anything I want, if I see something I want to trade for, I will simply buy the most inexpensive pin – last time was $6-7 for a “mystery” pin – and open and trade it.  It doesn’t matter to me what the mystery pin turns out to be because I only purchased it to trade, so the most inexpensive one is great with me!

If you’d like to get started planning your next Disney destination vacation, let me help! I can do all the leg work, while you simply enjoy the trip! To get started with a no cost, no obligation quote, email me at Jill@ThinkTheHappiestThoughts.com or fill out the form under “Free Quote” at the top of the page.

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