runDisney Registration Day Stress Relief

Registering for a runDisney race can be incredibly nerve wrecking because often times you need to be online to register almost immediately for a race to ensure you get a spot.  Traditionally the longer distances take a little longer to sell out, while the 5k and 10k races sell out very quickly, but there is a way to avoid all that stress!

Did you know that you can register for your bib before “regular” registration opens??  You can! You can register with a travel agent for next year’s race almost immediately after this year’s race takes place even!  Races usually open traditional registration about eight or nine months in advance of the race, so a full year is long before most people will sign up. 

The process for a travel agent to sign you up for a race has recently changed, here’s how it works and what you get

  • You get to register early and not worry about stress of the official registration day
  • The website charges you a 6% platform fee to register, but if you register through your travel agent, you do NOT pay the 6% fee!  If you are doing a challenge or any of the more expensive races, 6% can be a pretty big savings!
  • Often even when the website says a race is sold out, runDisney still has a few bibs open that only travel agents have access to for registration
  • You must book a minimum of 2 night stay in a WDW resort along with your bib
  • Your travel agent can register multiple runners and they can all pay seperately
  • All the same perks as your travel agent normally provides!  See them all here

One thing to note is that the room and bib(s) are linked, so if you cancel your room reservation, you inadvertently cancel your bib as well and race bibs are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Wine and Dine race weekend registration officially opens March 10th.  Are you thinking of running in any Wine and Dine or other future runDisney races? If so, l’d be happy to help you avoid the registration day stress and I can sign you up through runDisney and help you plan your trip!  Email me at or fill out the “Free Quote” form at the top of the page.

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