Disney Trips Without Kids?

Do people go to Disney without their kids?  I see/hear this question all the time, and I say GO!  In the last two years, I have actually gone more without my kids than with them.  

I’ve gone with only other moms as a girl’s trip, with just my bestie for a runDisney race, and with my own mom for her birthday and Christmas celebration.  While it’s amazing to see the magic through the eyes of your children, if you enjoy the parks yourself, you will enjoy them just as much (if not, a tiny more) without your kiddos in tow.

If your kids are teenagers, this is probably true even if they are with you, but on adult only trips, I have been able to do comfortably do three parks in a day and get on everything we wanted to at those parks.  I’ve also done all four parks in one day, but we only wanted to do one or two specific things in one of the parks.

In Disney World, park hopping is no big deal at all without kids!  I’ve gone into every adult trip with the frame of mind that this is everyone’s vacation and if you want to do something I don’t, go ahead and we’ll meet up as soon as the other is done!  Especially with this frame of mind, you eat when you want to, you can spend as long as you want in a store and go into every single one if you want(!!), you don’t have to make an extra 6 bathroom stops, you don’t have to wait for or go on Dumbo and then also Aladdin’s Magic Carpet (unless that’s your jam and you *want* to)!  Possibly best of all, you don’t have to share your snacks. It’s like going to Target alone, but on steroids!

In Disneyland, parking hopping is always easy, and when I went without my kiddos I still rode a lot of the “kid” rides because I make it to those parks much less often, but with less other stops and no one needing naps or just being a bit tired, we made it on 14 rides all before about 1pm and that included time to eat breakfast at a table service restaurant!  

Whether you have your kids with you or leave them at home until next time, it’s almost always less crowded to go on a weekday and not too close a holiday or school break.

I think some people are hesitant to go without children because they are afraid they will look/be out of place, but honestly, people are too involved in their own vacations to wonder where the children in your party are.  I’ve never heard anyone commenting on no kids in our group. 
If you truly enjoy the parks, you will love an adult only trip!  If you’d like help planning your next trip, email me at Jill@ThinkTheHappiestThoughts.com or fill out the “Free Quote” form at the top of the page.  I’d love to help you plan your next pixie dusted vacation!

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