Can you eat healthy while in Disney?

On a regular basis, my husband and I eat pretty healthy, so when I am on vacation, I am on vacation.  I want ALL THE FOOD. Give me all the yummy treats and goodies and I will work it all off later. My husband, however, does not feel that way.  He will splurge and “cheat,” but overall, he just feels better when he keeps himself more in check.  

The first time we went to the parks, he struggled pretty hard to find anything that he was super happy about eating.  We eat at mostly quick service (QS) restaurants to our maximize time out in the parks. So before we went on our next trip, I went through every menu of every QS restaurant in the park. It didn’t take nearly as much time as it sounds like it might. If menus didn’t change so often, I’d post my list here, but it would pretty quickly be inaccurate.

Since there is no nutritional information on the menus, the biggest tip is to avoid seemingly greasy and fried foods. You can look for a sandwich or grilled meat. You can find the WDW menus here and Disneyland menus here

Besides checking out all the menus and then seeking specific QS locations for meals, my biggest tip for a more guilt-free meal is look at the kids menu. It might not be a gourmet meal, but it will allow you to eat something that often leans more toward being healthy.

Portion sizes at Disney are pretty generous in my opinion, and anyone can order off these kids menus.  Especially when it’s really hot outside, many people don’t want to walk around with an overly full belly anyways. 

Look for the kids Power Pack.  These have a little drinkable yogurt, apple wedges, carrot sticks, Cheez-It crackers, a snack bar, and an option of small milk or small water bottle.  While it might not be a great option as a full meal for an adult, it’s a great snack, or way to grab a few guilt-free snacks to have for the day. It’s also only about $6.

Also commonly found on the kids menu, for the same $6, is a good old PB&J with baby carrots, apple slices, and a small drink, or often for closer to $7, you can sometimes find a turkey sandwich instead of the PB&J.

In Hollywood Studios there is a great fruit stand on Sunset Blvd on the way to Tower of Terror,  Anaheim Produce. I wish there were more of these in all the parks!

Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications to a regular (non kids) menu item as well!  Very often, they are able to make changes to the regular menu items if you ask.

If plant based items are more your jam, you’re in luck because WDW recently rolled out over 400 plant based entrees throughout the Resort. Disneyland will follow suit spring of 2020.

The other great perk of Disney parks is that they allow you to bring your own food in!  If you want to fully meal prep and and know exactly what you eat while on vacation, you can do that too!

I have much more than just menu tips!  Let me help you plan your next pixie dusted vacation!  I can help with as much or as little as you Email me at or fill out the “Free Quote” form on the home page

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