Why use a travel agent to book your Disney vacation?

In today’s world, it might seem like you could go online and just book everything for a vacation yourself and that a travel agent is obsolete, but there are some excellent perks to using a travel agent who specializes in booking Disney destination vacations.

Once you get into the planning stages of your Disney vacation, you’ll realize there are many details that can be set up and ironed out long before you board the plane.  It always breaks my heart a little when I overhear someone on the bus saying that they weren’t able to make any of the FASTPASS selections they wanted because they tried to make them on their way to the resort.  So many people don’t even realize all the things details that can be planned up to 180 days in advance.


Travel Agents have to take Disney College of Knowledge classes and pass the tests on all things Disney and have to retest every single year.  There are constantly changes and updates being made on property and your agent will know all of that without you spending any time looking anything up.  Things are down for refurbishment? Your agent will almost always be able to tell you that before you even choose a resort.

Completely Free

Second only to all the extra knowledge is the fact that a travel agent is always completely free for you to use.  

Saves You Money

Occasionally, Disney will put out promotional offers and travel agents are some of the first to know about these offers.  A travel agent can automatically add these deals while you’re still sleeping, if they are applicable to your vacation. 

Book FASTPASS and Reservations For You

FASTPASS selections and dining reservations open at 7am WDW time.  Just like the promotional offers, your travel agent will be up bright and early to make these reservations for you.

Daily Details

Need some suggestions on game plans for your days while in Disney?  Your travel agent is well versed in all things Disney, so they can give you pointers on where to go first or what to get a FASTPASS for.  Should you do a character dining experience or stick to quick service? Your agent can help give you some pros and cons and probably a personal review of many of these dining locations.

Saves Time

With someone else doing the leg work of searching and comparing resorts, booking all sorts of reservations (golf tee times, FASTPASS, dining, tours, Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique, and so many more), you can save yourself lots of time. Plus your travel agent can answer your questions for you, so there’s no need for you to spend hours searching the internet for information about your trip.

Control Freak?

Me too. I get it.  An agent can plan as much or as little of your trip as you want.  They are there to help, but if you’d prefer to make your own FASTPASS selections (for example), you are totally free to do that. You only want a travel agent to make initial bookings and answer questions, that’s perfectly fine!

If you decide that you’d like to use travel agent and want to start planning your next Disney vacation, I’d love to help you!  You can fill out the form under “Free Quote” on the homepage or email me directly at Jill@ThinkTheHappiestThoughts.com.  I can’t wait to talk soon!!

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