Tips to Remember

Whether it’s your first time planning a Disney vacation or your eighth, here are some tips that not everyone knows or remembers to use. I hope they can be helpful for you!


I repeat, water is free! My biggest tip is to remember is that water is free. Bottles of water available to purchase all over the parks if you’d prefer, but a family could easily spend a hundred dollars, or more, over the course of a vacation on bottles of water alone.  Any quick service restaurant will happily give you cups of water for free. Bring a water bottle and simply refill it for free! Besides a water bottle, you can see what I carry in my park bag here

Check Park Hours

Especially if you don’t have park hopper tickets, be sure to check park hours before you plan any FastPasses or choose what park to go to on a given day.  This can help you be sure you take full advantage of Extra Magic Hours, but it’s especially true around the holidays when there might be a party. For example, it would be such a bummer to plan a Magic Kingdom day (without Park Hopper tickets), and find out after entering that there is a ticketed event that evening and the park closes at 6pm to those without event tickets.  Besides leaving early, that would mean you wouldn’t get to see the fireworks that evening.

Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering on the My Disney Experience app is amazing.  I’ve seen huge lines (and even waited in one for a few minutes before remembering my own tip!) to order food. Many times those same restaurants have the mobile ordering option and you can skip the ordering line and go right to waiting to simply pick up your food!

Morning Reservations

If you make an early morning breakfast reservation, you can get into the park before it opens!  This gives you the perfect opportunity to get those amazing photos with the castle or Main Street with very limited other people in the shot.

Avoiding Lines

The best way to avoid lines for rides with notoriously long wait times is to be at the park at the time it opens and head straight for that ride.  You’ll likely still have to wait with others with this same idea, but it is often the shortest wait times of the day for rides like Flight of Passage, Peter Pan’s Flight, Slinky Dog Dash, or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  

More Than 3 FastPass Selections

Especially if it’s your first trip, or first trip in a long time, not everyone realizes that after you’ve used your three initial FastPass selections for the day, you can book more! For this reason, I recommend trying to get your initial three selections all booked as early in the day as you can. The only stipulation is that you can only book one at a time after your first three for the day. Find a full explanation of WDW FastPass+ here Or for Disneyland FASTPASS information, click here.

Single Rider Line

If you are riding a ride alone, or ok with not sitting next to your party, you can join the “single rider” line.  Only a handful of rides have this option, bu this line can be considerably shorter than the regular stand-by line.

Finding Characters

Along with ride wait times, you can locate characters and/or see who is out at any given time.  I love being able to see who is out, when, and where at any given time.

My Disney Experience App

Expanding on finding specific characters, you can find all sorts of fun things! Open the app, then hit the locator icon that is second from the left on the very bottom next to the “home” button. A map will pop up, then at the very top in the center is a filter drop down.  It first says “wait times,” hit filter and then you can see all sorts of goodies! You can find attractions, dining, bathroom locations, events, and shop locations just to name a few.

Bring Your Own Food

You are welcome to bring your own food into the parks!  Bring snacks or entire meals if you’d like.

Main Street Shops Stay Open

Main Street Shops stay open after park’s official closing time. So, if you want to soak up a little more magic for the day, just head into the stores on Main Street instead of directly out of the park.

Wake Up Calls

If you’re staying on property, set a wake up call and a character will call and wake you up for an extra magical way to start your day!

There are a lot of fun tidbits to know about a Disney vacation.  Let me help you make the most of your Disney vacation. Email me at or fill out the “Free Quote” form from the homepage for a start to your next trip to Disney! 

I can help you book a hotel, figure out what ticket package is best for you, and book dining reservations and FastPasses.  This service is completely free to you. Can’t wait to talk soon!

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