Is the Memory Maker worth it?

A hundred times yes!

I see this question all the time and I think the Memory Maker is worth every single penny.  As of today, the option is $169 if you buy it in advance (3 or more days before it will be used) and $199 if you buy it within 3 days of it’s first use.

What do you get?

  • An unlimited number of photos taken during your time at the parks.
  • You automatically get all the photos from the rides!!  It’s so much fun to have the photos from the rides and they are included!
  • The photos are viewable on your My Disney Experience app almost immediately.  Some take a bit longer than others, but overall they are available in a very short amount of time
  • You get to experience all the magic first hand, instead of looking at your phone screen or viewfinder 
  • There are magic shots (magically adding in characters or other fun into your photos) that can only be taken/made by the PhotoPass photographers
  • Along with the photographers throughout the parks, they are also at character dining, character meet and greets, at Bibbidy Boppity Boutique, Pirates League, and Enchanted Tales with Belle, just to name a few!. There is even a spot in Disney Springs where you can have photos taken!
  • Everyone in the family, or group, gets to be in the photo and it’s more than just a selfie.  (This reason alone is worth it to me. My husband has so many photos of him and the kids because I think to take them.  He, however, doesn’t usually think to take photos of the kids and I, so it is wonderful to get so many entire family photos from one vacation.)

However, just like anything in life, I think it is what you make of it. 

The first time my family went to WDW, we were only in the parks for two days, but we still ended the trip with over 250 photos.  
To make the most of your purchase, when you see a photographer, be sure to make the effort to stop and have them take some photos.  They will have you stand in the right spot and pose you.  
There might be a family or two in line for the photographer, but the lines move pretty darn quickly.  It’s worth it to take just a couple of minutes to wait for that photographer to take 3 or more photos of your family.  You can always request something specific if you have something in mind for that photo too!

I also feel like if you make the investment in the Memory Maker, you will use it and end up with way more photos than you would have without it. Which in turn just means you end up with even more memories of your trip!
You have 45 days from the day your first photo is taken to download your Memory Maker images, so don’t forget to download them!

Update 10/9/19: For $34.95 plus shipping you can now get all your photos on a USB shipped to you after your vacation is over so you don’t have to worry about remembering to download them.

Personal tip:  This is not an ad, I just honestly love having these to look back on.  Shutterfly has some really adorable Disney theme options for their photo books.  For only $9.99, if you upload all the photos you want to be used in your book, someone at Shutterfly will put the whole book together for you!  It is editable after you receive it as a proof, so you can move things around or add text if you want. But I know it used to take me hours (literally) to make a book from vacation, so this service is well worth only $10 to me!  One more Shutterfly tip, hold off until they have a sale. They have everything 50% off fairly often, plus they offer free unlimited pages in your photo books probably quarterly, so if you have a ton of photos like I did, that can be a huge savings!

If you like those tips, you’re in store for many more when you let me help you plan your next pixie dusted vacation! Fill out the form under “Free Quote” or email me at for a free quote

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